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Are you used to picking stock on gut instinct? Did you follow recommendations only to find out that you bought at the peak?

We at ValueSignals promote a different way of investing based on a high quality database and an intuitive stock screener. The stock market doesn't have to be complicated. With our tools, you can beat the market too.

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An incredible value for what's on offer. The screener is excellent, very flexible & easy to use. The ability to screen for opportunities globally is a huge bonus, especially combined with the site's educational content. It's nice to see how some of my favorite metrics, such as Piotroski's F-Score & Price/Book measures screen together. It truly is an excellent educational resource. I would recommend this site to any investor or fund manager who wants to add an edge to their process. The scorecard feature is cool, mainly because they focus on the company's financial stability in question.
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David Flynn — Chief Investment Strategist at Baggot investment Partners & Lecturer at IIFT


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Use our platform with confidence

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, or just getting started, ValueSignals provides a robust platform for analysis.

High quality data

We only use institutional grade data sourced from Refinitiv, one of the world's largest data providers.

Error detection

We run advanced algorithms to detect and avoid data errors and anomalies.

Real-time calculation

We perform our calculations in real-time, based on the stock universe you can invest in.

Transparent metrics

We provide detailed explanations for all metrics, with the formulae and values used.

Authentic models

We implemented the models as designed and explained by the experts.


We cut out the noise and focus only on the signals that matter.

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