About Us

ValueSignals is a company that builds next-gen investment tools. Members ranging from small investors to investment fund managers use our tools to get an edge over other market players.

10 years in business
40 member countries
38k stocks covered

Tools should adapt to the user, not the other way around.

Since 2010, we have provided our service to members in more than 40 countries. We believe the best stock screeners are built at the intersection of sound investment strategy and cutting edge new technologies.

Things can get really complex, really quickly, and a pragmatic, synthetic and clear vision is essential to make money investing in the stock market.

Our team

Creative mind by people like you

Olivier Dambrine
Founder / CEO

Olivier Dambrine

I like to make data interesting.

Eva Wils
Customer Service

Eva Wils

I love it when customers are delighted with our service.