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YTD performance: +22.4%

In July, the STOXX600 was able to gain 220 basis points, finishing with a YTD return of 15.7%. Our portfolio almost doubled that and moved up 420 basis points to +22.

14 Aug 2021

Latest news

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ValueSignals 5 is live!

As you will have noticed, we moved a new version of ValueSignals to production

Q1: +12.8%

After many years of underperformance (growth outperformed value by more than 2:1 since 2010), value stocks seem to be catching up

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The month of January was marked by a new phenomenon

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9 out of 10!

November was a great month for investors in general, and our members haven't been disappointed either

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Make ValueSignals outperform again!

while the portfolios of other value investing newsletters continued to struggle, the ValueSignals model portfolio is on track to beat the market again