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Merry Christmas!

What a year it has been

Our stock screener and scorecard helped us outperform the market indices with double-digit alpha, now for 8 consecutive years

An improved Magic Formula based on academic studies

Did you know that there's a version of the Magic Formula that significantly outperforms the latter by using a different quality and price metric Wesley Gray and Tobias Carlisle found that by making some small tweaks to the formula, the yearly return can be improved by more than 2

A brand new formula for conservative investors

Did you know that you can beat the market by investing in low-risk stocks According to a Dutch fund manager, it is possible to get a 15% yearly return over a longer period of time without losing any sleep when markets turn ugly

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Bring your own composite factor!

Our goal at ValueSignals has always been to allow any investor - from novice to expert - to implement powerful quantitative models with very little effort