author Olivier Dambrine - June 23, 2017

Our goal at ValueSignals has always been to allow any investor - from novice to expert - to implement powerful quantitative models with very little effort. By using templates like the magic formula or the Piotroski book-to-market model, users get an instant list of stocks that fit within the model. Novice users can fine-tune the models to consider only stocks in their country or region and more advanced users can throw some additional filters into the mix. Experts can build a screen from scratch, and they can do this easily with the many factors included...[more]

author Olivier Dambrine - June 13, 2017

In May our European portfolio kept up the good work and added a staggering 770 basis points. This brings YTD return (TWR) to +20.2%. The STOXX 600 ended at YTD of +7.4%...[more]

author Olivier Dambrine - June 12, 2017

Finnish value investors have been using our website from the get-go and today our stock screener is still very popular in Finland. One of our affiliate members recently wrote an article on the Piotroski F-score and how our stock screener helps to create a portfolio. He also included a short tutorial video.

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author Olivier Dambrine - May 23, 2017

Our stock screener is now widely adopted in the US, with more than 25% of our customers based there. To make plans more accessible for US customers, we're now introducing all plans in USD. This helps you avoid the exchange rate fees.

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