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author Olivier Dambrine - October 14, 2011

You have spoken and we listened...

At the request of subscribers that mainly invest in the US we decided to add two additional ideas to your existing newsletter rather than start a separate newsletter focused on North American companies only.

This means with every issue of the Systematic Value Investor you now receive a total of four investment ideas each month, two European companies and two North American (US and Canadian) companies...[more]

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author Olivier Dambrine - October 9, 2011

NAIC and fundamental analysis day - 3rd of December 2011

On the 3rd of December, MFIE Capital will join the VFB for the 'NAIC en fundamentele analyse dag'. This congres will be held in the Aldhem hotel in Grobbendonck. The following speakers will be presenting:

  • Patrick Casselman (KBC Securities) will present his forecast of macro-economic developments for 2012.
  • Gert de Mesure (VFB) will talk about healthcare and retirement homes related investments.
  • Philip Vanstraceele (MFIE Capital) will talk about how our quantative value screening methodologies can be used on European stocks...[more]
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author Jan Mohr - September 14, 2011

Short selling (also known as shorting or going short) is the practice of selling shares that have been borrowed from a broker with the intention of buying these shares back at a later date to return to the broker. In less technical terms: a short-seller is betting on a stock price to go down.

As you very well know, the days of ever-increasing stock prices have long passed and numerous investors now ask themselves: “how can I make money in the stock market if prices don’t go up?

A possible answer could lie in the business of shorting stocks. Let’s take a close look at the pros and cons.

First and foremost, investors should generally be wary of shorting stocks...[more]

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author Olivier Dambrine - September 1, 2011

We just completed backtests on our Piotroski price-to-book screener using our proprietary backtesting tool. (On Europe) We also loaded the portfolio into profitmapper so you can follow the charts day-to-day. The results are impressive. Between June 1999 and now, profitmapper shows a return of 525%! These results are even more astonishing if you compare this to the S&P600 Europe incl net dividends, which lost 15% during this period.

What's the theory behind this screener?

Many scientific studies confirm that buying a portfolio of low price-book companies will beat the market over time...[more]