New stock portfolio tracker available

Olivier Dambrine 03 Apr 2022

Subscribers to our newsletter know that we use a few key reports to monitor our portfolio. They help us focus on the overall strategy and to keep our emotions in check.

  • We use the current positions report to look for positions that have been in our portfolio for a certain amount of time. We specifically look for positions that have been in our portfolio for at least two years and have been held for a multiple of 12 months. (24, 36, 48,...) We drill down to the scorecard and check the key ratios. We're specifically interested in the momentum. If the 6-month momentum is still good, we keep the stock. Otherwise, we remove it.
Current Positions
  • We use the twr report to compare our performance to the benchmark. In this report, we're mainly looking at the alpha. If this is positive, our portfolio has been outperforming in the selected period.
  • If we want more details on which positions have done well, we switch to the twr by position report. By selecting the alpha toggle, we can see the outperformance of each stock compared to the benchmark. We also drill down to the scorecard to check the worst-performing stocks. We then further investigate by going to the company's website or other sources to understand why the stock is left behind.
TWR by position

These three reports help us reduce the time spent monitoring our portfolio. More importantly, it helps us to focus and to stick to the selected strategy.

Our new stock portfolio tracker now makes these reports available for free to all basic, professional and premium subscribers. You can enter your portfolios and start following your portfolios just like we do for the newsletter. On top of this, you can group different portfolios and follow them up at a consolidated level.

This tool has been handy for us, and we hope you enjoy it too!