Our Piotroski F-Scorecard now shows detailed calculations!

Olivier Dambrine 03 Feb 2017

We improved the Piotroski F-score detailed section in our scorecard. It now displays the full detail behind the formulas of each underlying signal, improving transparency and confidence in the quality of our data.

Piotroski scorecard formulas

The Piotroski F-score was designed to measure companies' overall profitability, funding, and operational efficiency. It is specifically useful to evaluate high book-to-market firms, which are typically companies in financial distress. The F-score acts as a filter removing the 'dogs with poor prospects.'

In our scorecard, we display the Piotroski F-score as a bullet chart. In one convenient graph, you can see the ranges, the F-score, and we added a short description that helps you get an instant feel of the company's health.

By clicking on the details, you get an overview of the 9 signals formulated as questions. By clicking on the details link, users can see the detailed test and whether the company passed or failed this test. In the previous version, you could also visualize the underlying scores but to see the details behind the number, and you had to navigate to the dynamic glossary. This required a few clicks.

With this new and improved version of the scorecard, you can see everything in 1 view. In addition to the info above, we also show the detailed calculations behind each formula so you can instantly check where the numbers are coming from. All the info is conveniently available on 1 page.

This is just one of the new features we introduced to make the scorecard even more intuitive. We have plenty more insightful reports in the pipeline and hope to release more of them during the coming months. If you have ideas on making the scorecard even better, do not hesitate to contact us. We love new ideas!