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We are very fortunate to have a community of talented investors who have been an fantastic source of ideas for improvement. Our team is working hard on these improvements. We hope to give some visibility on what we have delivered already and what's in the pipeline. If you come across any problems with ValueSignals or have some suggestions for improvement, please contact us using this link , and our team will assist you within a short time.

v5.0.1 - 30 May, 2021

Based on a recommendation by one of our members, we added two practical date fields to the stock screener:

  • Filing date: when did the company file the results you see in the stock screener? This gives you a better idea of how old the data is. When the company issues an earnings report, the market reaction will be delayed depending on the size of the company. It's important to evaluate what a stock is doing and based on this, take the decision to invest or not.
  • Next earnings date: when is the company expected to file new earnings? Unless you like risk, it's usually recommended to avoid buying stocks within 1 month before the earnings report.
Filing and next earnings date

To show these columns, click on the 'Select Columns' button and click on 'Financials'. Here you can switch on these 2 new columns.

v5.0.0 - 11 May, 2021

We upgraded to the .Net 5 platform, the latest major .Net release by Microsoft. It offers many advantages:

  • Better security
  • Increased performance
  • Long term support
  • A single platform for web apps, mobile apps, machine learning, etc.

We also took advantage of this upgrade to implement the latest best practices in software development.