Peer Lists

Our scorecard makes peer comparison very easy by calculating percentiles on each factor, relative to the sector, industry group, and industry. It does this by ranking the companies on this factor and then creating 100 groups (percentile) with the same number of companies.

Often it's quite useful to get a list of the other companies in the sector, industry group, or industry and see the factors for each company. To make this very easy, we added links to the sector, industry group, and industry at the top of the screen. Clicking on any of these links will open the screener and include only the companies belonging to this group.

This list will also apply the filters specified in the Filter Menu for your last screen. The filters taken into account are: countries, markets, market cap, trading value, results age and currency. By applying these filters it's easy to see which companies were used in the industry, industry group and sector calculations on the scorecard. Please note that this will overwrite your industries filter.

You can use the functionality of the screener to add additional filters, change the sorting etc...

Peer Lists