The next filter displays a list of countries your subscription covers. By ticking one or more countries in this list, stocks that have their primary listing in a securities exchange based in those countries will display. The grid is refreshed after closing the list (by clicking outside of the list control).

There are three different options to select countries.

  • Select countries individually by clicking on the checkbox next to the specific country.
  • Click on a subregion to select all countries belonging to that subregion.
  • Click 'Select All' to select all countries in the list.

For each option, clicking a second time will remove these countries from the screener. If you selected a lot of countries, just hovering over the picklist will display a list of the countries selected.

The countries filter will also be used to define the stock universe on which relative scores such as the Magic Formula, the ERP5 and the O'Shaughnessy Value Composites (VC1, VC2, VC3) are calculated.

Please note that the filter will only show the markets covered by your subscription.

country filter