The filter menu provides a set of filters for first-level data filtering. You can:

  • Search the entire data universe for a specific stock.
  • Select a specific watchlist.
  • Specify which markets, countries and industries should be included or excluded.
  • Filter out stocks above and below a specific market capitalization.
  • Remove stocks below a certain liquidity level.
  • Filter out stocks for which the company didn't publish any results during the last x months.
  • Specify in which currency you want the filters to work.

These filters - excluding the stock search and watchlist - will also define the stock universe used to calculate relative scores such as the Magic Formula, the ERP5 and the O'Shaughnessy Value Composites (VC1, VC2, VC3).

Finally, you can set up four levels of hierarchical filters that allow you to start from a subset of the data, create a subset from this subset, and so on.

The filter menu is available as a slide-in panel. You can open it by clicking the 'Filter Menu' button in the top menu bar. Once you have set these filters, you can close the menu by clicking on the 'Filter Menu' option again.

The following section describes each filter individually: