A common requirement is to be able to filter out companies listed on specific markets. Stocks listed on security exchanges such as the 'Pink sheets' and the 'OTC bulletin board' are often unsuited to be included in value investing models. Since these markets are not regulated, the companies don't have to meet the same stringent financial reporting requirements, and it's often quite difficult to get reliable financial information.

Excluding stocks with a primary listing on these markets is easy and can be done by unticking the specific market(s). You can see the changes reflected in the grid once you close the list (by clicking outside the list control). To see all selected markets, hover over the filter field.

The market filter will be used to define the stock universe on which relative scores such as the Magic Formula, the ERP5 and the O'Shaughnessy Value Composites (VC1, VC2, VC3) are calculated.

Please note that the filter will only show the markets covered by your subscription.

market filter