Export to Excel

Our screener is very versatile and offers many features to slice and dice the data in all possible ways, but some of our more advanced users like to filter and sort the data in excel. Other users like to record their favourite screens at regular intervals. Our table has an 'Export to Excel' functionality, which creates a formatted spreadsheet in the local settings of the user.

  • Click on the 'Export to Excel' button at the top of the table.
  • The spreadsheet will show in the download section of your browser. (which is usually at the bottom left of the browser window.)
  • Click on the spreadsheet to open it.

Please note that depending on the data selected in the screener and the internet bandwidth, it can take a few seconds to download a workbook. During the download, there's no feedback that the process is running. Please be patient and wait until the download is completed.

Exporting works on all browsers and is not restricted. An export workbook contains three sheets:

  • Results: this sheet contains the full dataset with only the columns visible in the screener. It also uses the same column order and sorts the data based on the column used to sort in the screener.

Export to excel

  • Filters: this sheet provides a list of all filters used in the screener.
  • Custom Factors: This sheet shows the type and the different factors used for the configured custom composite factors.
Export to Excel