The scorecard

All important quantitative stock metrics combined in 1 handy report.

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Peer comparison made easy

Stocks can look cheap overall, but how do they compare to the peers in their industry, industry group and sector?

Stock metrics compared to the sector, industry group and industry.

Real-time calculation based on selected stock universe only.

Detail pages for the Magic Formula, Piotroski F-score and Beneish M-score

Compare the metrics that matter

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Instant health assessments

The scorecard comes with 'rapid tests' that spot signs of strength or weakness. Drill down on the tests and see how the individual signals.

Is the company gaining or losing financial strength? (Piotroski F-score)

Are there any signs of imminent bankrupcy? (Altman Z-score)

Does it look like the company is manipulating earnings? (Beneish M-score)

Integrate with the tools and workflow you already use

Ipad Stock health assessment

Use our platform with confidence

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, or just getting started, ValueSignals provides a robust platform for analysis.

High quality data

We only use institutional grade data sourced from a leading data provider.

Error detection

We run advanced algorithms to detect and fix data errors and anomalies.

Real-time calculation

We perform our calculations on the fly, based on the stock universe you can invest in.

Transparent metrics

We provide detailed explanations for most metrics that show the formulae and values used.

Authentic models

We implemented the models as designed by the experts.


We cut out the noise and focus instead on the signals that matter.

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