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I am as ever a great fan of your website. I have been using the site as one of my main tools for stock selection, along with technical analysis and an overall market filter (which would see me exiting the market rather than riding out a bear market); I have been outperforming FTSE100, S&P500 and FTSE Small Cap which are my 3 main benchmarks, so many thanks for the site.
Malcolm Pryor
Spread betting expert and author
An incredible value for what’s on offer. The screener is incredible, very flexible & easy to use. The ability to screen for opportunities globally is a huge bonus, especially combined with the educational content on the site. It’s really nice to see how some of my favourite metrics, such as Piotroski’s F-Score & Price/Book measures screen together. It truly is a wonderful educational resource. I would recommend this site to any investor or fund manager who wants to add an edge to their process. The Score Card feature is really cool, especially because they are very focused on the Financial Stability of the company in question. Also clearly, judging from the performance of the stock picks in the newsletter, these guys know what they are doing!
David Flynn
Professional Derivatives/Equities Trader
The wide selection of screeners that offers is amazing. The screeners are based on expensive data that usually is out of reach for small investors. These screeners save me time and money in the search for value investing stocks. I'm very satisfied !
Pasi Havi
Portfolio manager at Helsinki Capital Partners and author
I have used a few stock screeners over the years, including CompanyREFS and DigitalLook, and this screener is by far the best, in my opinion. I think it is the only one with an international view. If a user has the temperament to stick with one of these strategies for a few years, they are most likely to have fantastic investment performance.
Fraser Dawson
Hedge fund manager & short selling specialist