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Increase your portfolio returns!

Stop following your emotions and select stocks in a more systematic way

Find stocks before the analysts do

People often fall into the trap of buying glamour stocks. They select stocks based on what's written in newsletters or on websites.

Our screener offers an objective view of each stock using a comprehensive dashboard of value, price and quality metrics. This allows you to understand whether a stock is really cheap and good quality, and has upwards potential. It also helps you identify and avoid value traps.


We offer a bunch of pretested algorithms

We modelled the stock selection steps of the greatest quantitative investors, such as:

  • Greenblatt Magic Formula
  • Piotroski F-Score
  • O'Shaugnessy Value Composite
  • Beneish PROBM
  • Altman Z-score
  • and many others..

We're passionate about implementing the models as they have been designed by their respective authors. On the contrary to competing stock screeners, we try to avoid putting our own spin on them. And if we have very good reasons to do so, we add a clone to the list.

We search all major markets in the world

Don't just look at the stock market in your country. Our screener scans 34.800 stocks listed on 68 stock markets in seconds and ranks them according to your preferences. This way you're not just looking for the cheapest stocks in your region, but the best bargains globally!

Hover over the map on the right to see how many stocks we cover by country.


We provide a system optimized for higher returns

Select top ranking stocks and hold them for 1 year. At the end of that year, check if the stock is still ranking high. If not sell it. Otherwise keep it in the portfolio for another year. It's that simple!

Need a stock screener that scans for magic formula stocks globally?

Our screener scans all major American, European, Asian and Oceanian markets for Greenblatt magic formula stocks, low price-to-book with high Piotroski F-Score stocks, O'Shaugnessy trending value stocks and many other market beating models.


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Now the Magic Formula, ERP5 and Value Composites are calculated in real-time based on the filters you define (selected countries, markets, market cap,...). ValueSignals is the only stock screener on the market that provides this functionality!

Looking for research that backs up these quantitative strategies?

Read our backtesting paper "Quantitative investing in Europe: what works for achieving alpha" and learn how quantitative investing strategies based on individual factors, composite factors and combinations thereof performed during our 12-year backtest.

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Subscribe to our systematic value investor newsletter, in which we present a value stock tip every month. Our European portfolio significantly outperformed the markets during the last 9 years with a return of 19.2% per year (CAGR).

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Here's some comments we received from our members:

An incredible value for what’s on offer. The screener is incredible, very flexible & easy to use. The ability to screen for opportunities globally is a huge bonus, especially combined with the educational content on the site. It’s really nice to see how some of my favourite metrics, such as Piotroski’s F-Score & Price/Book measures screen together. It truly is a wonderful educational resource. I would recommend this site to any investor or fund manager who wants to add an edge to their process. The Score Card feature is really cool, especially because they are very focused on the Financial Stability of the company in question. Also clearly, judging from the performance of the stock picks in the newsletter, these guys know what they are doing!
David Flynn
Professional Derivatives/Equities Trader
Thanks for your backtest reports and your screener, which I have been using for a while now and which I promote to the people I know. It is an approach that appeals to me. Thanks for your thoroughness, responsiveness and the consideration you take when receiving my questions. My goal now is to teach my growing children this method of investing and the use of your tools.
Brice L.
June 11, 2018
I am really enjoying Value Signals. It has come a long way and you have put a lot of work into this. I have checked out the competition and Value Signals is now far and away the best product of its kind. Data integrity is one of the most important aspects to consider in a screener, and yet many newbies do not realise how much can go wrong and how many screeners suffer from data issues. The Value Signals team have proven time and again that they are absolutely committed to both data integrity (something I have found serious issues with in the competition) along with a commitment to upgrading and improving the product generally. I could not recommend Value Signals more highly to independent investors looking for a solid screener to do their own research.
Steve W.
April 12, 2016
As a long term investor in value who likes getting his money’s worth, I have found Value signals to be just right for me and excellent value. There isn’t anything I need to know that I can’t find here. The screener is easy to use and the newsletter strategy is uncomplicated, brief and precise.
Tony S.
United Kingdom
February 5, 2016

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